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About Us

Entrepreneur and product developer Jay Scoratow heard from friends that their teens, suffering from acne, were scarring and experiencing dry, flaky skin from leading acne products. Being a teen is hard enough, let alone feeling embarrassed about acne.

Jay, who knew of Dr. Keith Moeller and his scientific breakthroughs with Nano Silver Technology, wondered if using the ancient healing properties would help people with acne not to mention silver has one of the highest anti- microbial benefits – a natural prevention to future acne breakouts.

Dr. Moellor developed the process of reducing silver to the particle level so that it could be used in treating the skin and named it SilverSol. He holds 42 patents and initiated over 800 studies.

Jay was right. It was the right combination to help acne sufferers break the cycle of acne without having to sacrifice healthy, hydrated skin. Customers were seeing positive results after 30 days and significant results after 90 days using the ACNE Pro1 system.

Jay worked with Dr. Moeller exclusively to incorporate SilverSol, into one of the key products in the ACNE Pro1 All-in-1 line – HydroSilver. The other two key products in the All-in-1 system utilize FDA approved active ingredients proven effective for the treatment of acne. The All-in-1 system utilizes an acne specific cleanser with a treatment mist for an aggressive two-step treatment while the HydroSilver Skin Cream heals and hydrates leaving skin soft and radiant.

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